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Removing the stress of those Chores and Challenges


A New Service

Home Counties Carers has built a fantastic reputation for caring by listening to our clients and their families and offering services that meet their needs. We are excited to offer a new service that we believe will help many local people live less stressful lives with greater joy.

My stepfather passed away prematurely at 70 throwing my Mum's life into turmoil. What struck me was the sheer amount of 'Chores and Challenges' that suddenly needed to be done by my Mum, adding to her stress and anxiety at a very difficult time. Daily chores and challenges like managing bills, speaking to service providers; shopping and cooking; maintaining the house and garden all became a burden.


Together We'll Make it Work

We don't believe my Mum is alone, which is why we are exploring the potential and demand for 'Chores and Challenges', a service for those who don't know where to turn to get help. If my Mum had someone local who she trusted, who was friendly, reliable and competent who would help with the chores and challenges the burden would eased.

Using the same successful model that makes our care services outstanding, our ambition is to provide local people with our friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and competent team who will take care of all your chores and challenges, reducing the stress and enabling you to live your best life.

Collaboration and trust are what we are striving for in our relationship with you, and what we expect from your relationship with your 'Hatha Helper'. They'll be able to help with things like;

  • Admin tasks - bills, paperwork, utilities even speaking with BT!
  • House keeping - cleaning, tidying, sorting and recycling
  • Home maintenance - we'll arrange plumbers, electricians, TV and broadband
  • Days out - fun trips, experiences, and even a Nile cruise if you fancy it!
  • Driving - we'll take you anywhere (well, almost anywhere!)
  • Health - accompanied trips to doctors, hospital, physio etc.
  • Shopping - shop until you drop or let us push the trolley
  • Gardening - taking care of hedges, lawns and leaves
  • Handyman - light bulbs, dripping taps, handrails, even a splash of paint
  • Just being there - for chit chat, laughter and listening

What is a 'Hatha Helper'?

A 'Hatha Helper' is an employee of Home Counties Carers who is a kind, caring, considerate and giving person who can provide a wealth of useful services to make the chores and challenges of daily life more joyous. They have been carefully chosen as people Lu and I would be pleased to have supporting our own family.

Our 'Hatha Helpers' are free to choose their working hours, so will collaborate with you to make things work. They are drivers, they wear their own clothes, are polite, well mannered, timely, have good and clear communications skills and have traditional common sense.

Sound Interesting?

To get the ball rolling please call the office on 01483 224 985 and ask for Chores & Challenges. Your details will be taken and one of our 'Hatha Helpers' will contact you to arrange a telephone call or meeting, to suit you.

The meeting will normally take place at your home, last for about an hour and will give you and your 'Hatha Helper' the chance to get to know each other and learn what you might need help with. This is at no cost and there is no obligation to continue with Chores & Challenges if you decide it is not for you.

If you feel that Chores & Challenges is for you we'll ask you to sign some minimal paperwork and request an upfront investment of £360. This equates to approx. 6 sessions with your Hatha Helper at 2 hours each. In collaboration with your Hatha Helper you can decide when you would like your sessions and how long they last.

Once you have had the initial 6 sessions you can decide if you'd like to progress or not. If you would we'd invoice you for another 6 sessions and process begins again. Simple and effective, we hope!

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