Home Counties Carers are intent on supporting the community in as many ways as possible, from volunteering at local social events to health promotion.

Dear Matthew and Lucinda

Time flies by and I have been at Cherry Trees now since September and Helen since November. Virtually the very first thing that was said to me on my arrival was how wonderful Home Counties Carers was and how right they were.

I really cannot thank you enough for the unending support that you offer Cherry Trees through your company. Ingrid is, as you well know, just a wonderful warm and very compassionate lady with an unfailing cheerful and upbeat attitude to life – she brightens the office every time she comes in and has been a tower of strength to me in offering support and encouragement.

Her team/your staff have all been, without exception, wonderful at the events at which they have helped out. There have been so many, but to name a few; the Christmas Fair, Dunsborough Tulip Festival and the East Clandon Fete. Not only do you offer physical support in the form of volunteers, which is invaluable to us, you have kindly supplied the entertainer for Cherryfest now for a few years and also made a generous donation towards the costs of Dunsborough.

Outside the Cherry Trees Christmas Fair

I honestly do not know what we would do without the wonderful Home Counties Carers and all the lovely team. I am attaching a few photos of your team at events. You may very well have seen them anyway but just in case you have not.

I hope that you see how often I tweet or put on Facebook or our website or even in e-news and our annual printed newsletter about how grateful we are for your help and support. I have also featured you in the Cherry Trees Surrey Ad page which comes out every quarter and will do so again this year.

Cake sale with the help of Home Counties Carers

It is easy when people or organisations are “long term” supporters to take it for granted or not say thank you as often as you should and Helen and I wanted you to be assured of just how grateful we are for all your continued help and support.

I am sure you will have heard that Cherry Trees was recognised with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for 2015. This is the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK and we were thrilled to receive this recognition of all the work that our army of volunteers put in to help make Cherry Trees the success that it is. HCC played a big part in this award so thank you.

With our very best wishes and thanks for your continued support

Tania Cantoni Helen Naisby

Fundraising Manager Community Fundraiser

Helping at Cherryfest 2015